Ireland's first CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team)

The services provided by The Irish Reporting & Information Security Service (IRISS) would not be possible without the support of the following organisations:


Sourcefire’s Agile Security vision is defining a new, essential and more effective approach for organisations to protect themselves against today’s security realities. Agile Security emphasises the need for more informed, adaptive and automated security solutions to protect today's dynamic IT environments from constantly changing threat. Sourcefire’s Agile Security ties together an organisation’s entire security infrastructure, from network to endpoint, an approach that continuously loops through this process in real-time, closing the gap between the time an event occurs and when action takes place. Traditional solutions lack the agility required to successfully defend against modern threats, but Sourcfire’s Agile Security products and services are designed to help organisations to combat this, securing the entire enterprise. Sourcefire’s offering provides users with unprecedented visibility and awareness, accurate detection and powerful automation and integration facilities – all delivering unparalleled protection. Sourcefire customers all over the world have demonstrated how Agile Security elevates their overall defense.



BH Consulting is an independent consulting firm specialising in the area of Information Security.  Recognised as a leader in providing information security expertise, BH Consulting's clients include many government agencies and private sector companies both large and small.  BH Consulting also provides guidance at national and international level on matters relating to developing and ongoing issues in relation to information security.



Integrity Solutions is a leading vendor independent IT security consultancy in Ireland.  Integrity Solutions have designed, implemented, remote monitored and project managed IT security projects for some of the largest companies. Their strong engineering group is comprised of Architects, Designers, Consultants and Support Engineers who tailor the leading technologies to meet the specific needs of each client only after spending time getting to know the system vulnerabilities and business demands.  This ensures a secure, robust and dependable IT security solution.



ISI TI-Accredited WARP