Welcome to the Irish Reporting and Information Security Service

IRISS-CERT is Ireland’s first CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) to provide services to all users within Ireland. We provide a range of services and information that you can use to better protect your information systems and to make the Irish Internet space a safer environment for all.

Ireland’s economy has grown rapidly over the past decade thanks in no small part to the increasing use of information technology. Information technology and the Internet has enabled Irish consumers and businesses alike to better access and deliver services, create new markets, exchange information rapidly and process information in more efficient means. However this increasing reliance on information technology brings with it numerous risks and threats that if not properly addressed could result in significant negative impact on Ireland’s economy and potentially on the country’s national security. Just as business and consumers have found legitimate use for the Internet there are others who use the Internet for more nefarious purposes such as criminal, illegal, terrorist and corporate and national espionage activities.

Company Details

Directors: Brian Honan, Veronica Sheridan

The Irish Reporting and Information Security Service Limited is a registered company in Ireland

Registered Number: 458648

Our Mission

The Irish Reporting & Information Security Service (IRISS) is an independent not for profit company limited by guarantee founded in 2008 to provide a range of free services to Irish businesses and consumers in relation to information security issues to help counter the security threats posed to the Irish businesses and the Irish Internet space. These services include;

  • Providing an alerting service on new vulnerabilities and threats that may compromise the security of computing and communications resources for individuals, companies and government bodies within Ireland.
  • Providing and alerting on ongoing attacks on ICT resources within Ireland to enable other entities to develop and implement protective measures from such attacks.
  • Provide statistics and reports on cyber crime activity within Ireland to assist organisations and individuals to better focus resources on those security threats particular to Ireland.
  • Provide a facility for individuals and organisations to report security incidents.
  • Provide guidelines and best practise techniques on how to prevent security incidents and how best to respond in the event such an incident occurs.

The above range of services are provided by a dedicated core of volunteers who are experts in the field of information security and provide their services to the Irish Internet community free of charge.

IRISS is funded by a combination of donations and corporate sponsorship. If you are interested in supporting our work please do not hesitate to contact us.

A description of IRISS-CERT according to RFC 2350 is available here

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