Company’s Intellectual Property (IP) information is breached!

An Intellectual Property breach involves stealing of ideas, results of creative and innovative endeavours, or even trade secrets, by individuals mostly for their own future economic interests.

The sources of IP breach include business competitors, company insiders, organized criminal gangs, nation-states, etc. To some organizations, breach of such information could cause loss of huge amount of money spent in research and development and may also provide the attacker a deep insight into future plans of the organization thereby affecting the organization’s long-term competitiveness.

Top Recovery Tips

1. First things first! Determine the source of the breach.

When an IP breach occurs or is suspected, it is imperative that you identify the root cause for the incident and execute your incident response plan if you have one. If required, call on third-party forensic and technical experts to help determine the source of the breach and the extent of the damage.

2. Notify relevant authorities.

Once the occurrence of the breach is confirmed, notify the relevant authorities about the breach.

3. If the stolen IP has been registered as a patent, trademark, copyright or trade secret, identify and follow your country’s legal requirements for IP breach.

IP breach may occur as a result of insider breach. If you are concerned that the IP breach may be caused by an insider, refer to the Insider Breach section.

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